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Every minute of every day, new websites are being established across the world. This naturally creates a very profitable market for anyone wishing to make money themselves in the web hosting market, and the number of web hosts also grows day by day. With so many web hosting services out there, choosing the right one can be a minefield. However, one type of service which offers many advantages is known as “dedicated server hosting”.

Rather than offering their services to volume clients, a dedicated web host will offer the use of their server to just one or maybe a handful of clients. This means that if you’re using their services, the performance of your site will be very strong. If you have a high volume of traffic visiting your site – for instance, if you have an online store – then you need this reliability.

If you’re using a dedicated web host, they will give you access to the server itself, enabling you to reconfigure settings so that the server is fully responsive to the needs of your business.

You can also decide if you wish to take up a managed or an unmanaged service from your host. If you decide to go down the unmanaged route, then all that your host will be responsible for will be the settings/issues around your bandwidth and the security on the server. 

Everything else is down to you. This is a cost-saving option, but is more time-intensive and, if you need any additional support from your host at any time, then you are likely to have to pay extra.

Alternatively, a managed service means that your host will provide a support team as part of their service. They’ll do tasks such as sorting out any problems with the server, upgrading programs, and security packages and running your back-ups for you. They will also be on hand to answer any questions or deal with any general issues that you might need to raise. Although it costs a little more, this type of service is the preferred option for the majority of online businesses, as it means they can concentrate on sales rather than worrying about their site’s technical issues.

Every business and every business owner has different needs. So if you are looking for a dedicated web host, then it’s worth taking some time to decide exactly what you will need from them, and then look into which host out there in the market can provide the support that suits you best.